The Scrunchie

If you're like me, you hate to waste! And fabric scraps, in sewing, there are a lot of them! That's why I am sharing this simple and easy tutorial with you to recover your leftover fabrics.


Materials needed for this project 

  • Fabrics with a dimension of 4,5" X 18". You can use a stretch fabric (stretch velvet) as well as a non-stretch fabric (100% cotton). In the case of a non-stretch fabric, it will be very important to take the exact measurements to make the project. 
  • For thin hair or those who prefer a more discreet scrunchie, use the dimensions: 3″ X 18".
  • Rule
  • Thread to match your fabric
  • Scissors
  • pins 
  • Pencil (chalk)
  • ¼ ”wide flat elastic. You can also take up to ½ ”. 

** Please note that measurements here are primarily in inches and may be shown with the following abbreviations: in and


Step 1 

Cut out a rectangle of 4,5" X 18"

Step 2 

 Fold the fabric right sides together and draw a mark at each end at 1.5 ″ using your pencil (chalk)

Step 3 

Sew with a zigzag stitch (stretch fabric) or a straight stitch (non stretch fabric) 1 cm from the edge and between the 2 chalk lines made in the previous step. Then, pin and pass the pin through the tube to put it right side up.

Step 4 

Pin the 2 ends right sides together and sew a straight seam. Cut off the excess fabric. You now have your tube.


Step 5: Applying the elastic

Cut a 7-inch long piece.
Using a pin, insert the elastic inside the tube.
Then put the 2 ends of rubber bands one on top of the other (about ¾ inch). Zigzag (I sew on it twice to be sure) in the same direction as on the 2e Photo.

No need to cut the thread every time you repeat a zigzag stitch, just lift the foot with the needle still in your elastic and turn the scrunchie. 

** Please note that you will need to adjust the width of your zig-zig stitch according to your elastic width.

Final step 

Pin the 2 surfaces together. Close with a straight stitch. For a nice finish, it is important to sew as close to the edge as possible.
Hand blind stitch finishing is also possible.

And There you go ! You now know how to make beautiful hair accessories while collecting your scraps !!!